Environmental Responsibility

Water Security

Our Approach

Water scarcity affects many communities globally. QL emphasises water scarcity matter in our materiality priorities. We are committed to safeguarding water resources and optimising consumption at all sites with our tracking system. We also enhance the wastewater treatment solutions to prevent the depletion of water quality. To increase water scarcity awareness and availability, we ventured into water treatment solutions to meet the growing demand for clean water and wastewater treatment services for industrial applications.

FY2022 Highlights

  • 30.2% reduction YoY

    of water withdrawal Intensity

  • 4,033 m3

    of rainwater harvested


m3 of rainwater harvested


m3 of wastewater treated

Note: Performance since FY2021

  • Water Treatment Solution

    As our company invests into technologies and solutions for clean environment, water treatment solution is one of the important strategies in line with our sustainability journey. The POCE business pillar offers total water management solutions to enable industrial plants to achieve water impact efficiency in a cost-effective manner. A total of 19 new installations were completed in FY2022 and approximately 1.4 million m3 of wastewater and raw water was treated by our solutions

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