Environmental Responsibility

Water Security

Our Approach

Water scarcity affects many communities globally. QL emphasises water scarcity matter in our materiality priorities. We are committed to safeguarding water resources and optimising consumption at all sites with our tracking system. We also enhance the wastewater treatment solutions to prevent the depletion of water quality. To increase water scarcity awareness and availability, we ventured into water treatment solutions to meet the growing demand for clean water and wastewater treatment services for industrial applications.

FY2023 Highlights

  • 4.3% reduction YoY

    of water withdrawal Intensity

  • 6,754 m3

    of rainwater harvested


m3 of rainwater treated


m3 of wastewater treated

Note: Last 3 years performance
  • Water Treatment Solution

    QL invests in clean energy and environmental technology businesses through Boilermech as part of our business and sustainability strategy. The POCE business pillar offers water management solutions including water treatment service for industrial use to help improve raw water quality and increase water-use efficiency. A total of six new water treatment systems were installed at customers’ facilities with approximate treatment capacity of 0.2 million m3 raw water.

    Besides water treatment services, QL POCE business pillar also provides industrial wastewater treatment solutions through Boilermech. The solutions help our customers meeting environmental regulatory standards for their discharged wastewater. In FY2023, we successfully installed four wastewater treatment plants at customers’ sites which treated approximately 0.3 million m3 wastewater.

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