Environmental Responsibility

Waste Management

Our Approach

As a responsible food producer, we manage the waste generated from our processes. We are committed to reduce, recycle and repurpose as part of our waste management practices.

  • We reduce and recycle the waste generated across our value chain by proper planning and monitoring. All types of waste are recorded and monitored closely. The data contributes to the formulation of the improvement plan.
  • In the repurpose approach, we optimise our chicken manure composting process to convert into organic fertiliser.

FY2022 Highlights

  • 174,850 tonnes

    of non-hazardous waste recycled

  • 97.0% diversion

    of non-hazardous waste from landfill

  • 95.3% conversion

    of chicken manure to organic fertilizer


tonnes of  manure converted to fertilizer in last 5 years


tonnes of food waste repurpose to animal feed

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