Commitment to Our Communities
Championing Child Stunting Cause Through C Our Future Programme

In FY2023, QL assisted 11,942 beneficiaries via our corporate philanthropy collaborations with an investment of over RM 835,600.

Officially launched on 18 March 2023, at Pangsapuri Kampung Baru Hicom Shah Alam, QL collaborated with Ceva Animal Health on their C Our Future 2023 campaign. The programme, initiated by Ceva Animal Health with a tagline of “Let’s embrace chicken and eggs to break the cycle of child stunting”, is a corporate social responsibility initiative to raise awareness about child stunting issues in Asian countries.

Mutually working in partnership with Ceva Animal Health, QL has pledged to donate eggs to 207 kindergarten children ages five and six from low-income families and indigenous communities. The children will be receiving one egg daily for consumption in the school for six months and the project is supported by the Malaysia Ministry of Health and Ministry of Rural Development.

The project is currently being monitored for its effectiveness in facilitating the growth of children receiving eggs. By providing the children with high-quality protein through daily consumption of eggs, it is hoped that the major child development problem can be reduced. This initiative would be a corporate philanthropy flagship programme for the ILF business pillar.

Reaching Out to Natural Disasters Victims

Saddened by the catastrophic destruction brought about by natural disasters resulting in floods and earthquake, QL constantly provides aid either financially or food supplies to ease the pain of natural disasters victims who have suffer from the loss of life and homes.

In early March 2023, the state of Johor was hard hit by floods. Teaming up with Non-Governmental Organisations, FamilyMart provided food and water supplies to two of the most affected districts in Muar and Segamat. Approximately 300 flood victims received the assistance.

Other than assisting flood victims, QL Marine Products Sdn. Bhd. rented an excavator for digging of a new drainage as flood prevention measures for villagers at Kota Belud.

On 14 February 2023, QL contributed RM 500,000 to support the emergency relief fund for Turkiye – Syria earthquake victims. Witnessed by the Prime Minister, a cheque handover ceremony was attended by QL together with members of the Association Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCM). A collective donation amount of USD 1,000,000 was presented to the Foreign Affairs Minister.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy QL is actively adopting renewable energy technologies to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel-based energy. As we are

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Social Responsibility

Growing Our Business

Our Approach

QL innovates continuously and remains steadfast in increasing its capacity to offer resource-efficient protein nourishments to consumers. When undertaking expansion via organic growth or through acquisitions, we make informed and strategic decisions to focus on businesses that offer sustainable growth potential and strengthen our value chain.

We allocate and deploy six capitals – Natural, Manufactured, Intellectual, Human, Social and Financial – to deliver sustainable value for stakeholders.

FY2023 Highlights

  • RM 240 million

    invested to support business growth

Our Performance
FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
  Economic Value Generated & Distributed (RM ‘000)
1 Direct Economic Value Generated 4,378,800 5,236,049 6,242,643
  Sale of goods 4,308,421 4,968,001 5,935,525
  Construction contracts 70,362 267,975 307,097
  Dividend income 17 73 21
2 Operating Costs 3,519,655 4,438,007 5,179,228
  Depreciation and amortisation 180,247 195,871 208,198
  Expenses arising from leases/ rental 35,169 45,411 50,412
  Remeasurement gain of the previously held equity interest in an associate (79,031) - -
  Cost of sales and others (suppliers, services etc.) 3,383,270 4,196,725 4,920,618
3 Employee Wages and Benefits 403,188 465,406 571,121
  Contributions to state plans 26,225 30,030 33,453
  Expenses related to defined benefit plans 3,997 646 3,072
  Wages, salaries and others 372,966 434,730 534,596
  Cost of sales and others (suppliers, services etc.) 3,383,270 4,196,725 4,920,618
4 Community Investments 1,347 1,682 1,483
  Fishermen financial assistance scheme* 777 700 647
  Support for communities & community infrastructure 570 982 836
5 Payment to Government 107,383 85,670 118,929
  Tax expense 107,383 85,670 118,929
6 Payment to Provider to Capital 109,513 115,411 202,020
  Loan providers 36,503 30,233 31,664
  Shareholders 73,010 85,178 170,356
Economic value distributed 4,141,086 5,106,176 6,072,781
Economic value retained 237,714 129,873 169,862

RM 827 MIL

invested into growing the business in last 3 years

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