What made us QL?

How did we grow from a humble beginning of a local feedstuff trader to transform into a multinational agro-food corporation?

QL’s accelerated busines growth combined with good governance principles resulted in us receiving several major awards, including the exclusive The Edge Billion Ringgit Club Company of the Year award and The Value Creator: Outstanding CEO of Malaysia award (bestowed to our Executive Chairman, Dr. Chia Song Kun). This incredible journey to success is made possible by the shared focus of our three main principles in QL – Vision, Mission and Core Values:

Our Vision is to be the preferred global agro based enterprise.
Our Mission is to create nourishing products from agro resources and bringing benefits to everyone.

This is reflected in our initials, QL is an abbreviation of the Mandarin words Quán Lì, which means “everybody benefits”. We are driven to create and share value for all — for our employees, our consumers, our suppliers, our shareholders and the people in this country and across the globe. As a part of the QL team, you will share in our passion and commitment.

QL Values – Our Way of Life

From day one, our founders knew that to gain more capital, they need to depend on their resourcefulness and teamwork, and to set the right work ethics and values, to lay the foundation of our unique culture. Our people should embrace and live the QL Values, which are there to guide our day-to-day interactions and decisions as we move towards our Vision: 

Core Values

We build trust and deliver on commitments made. We are reliable and truthful and behaves ethically.
We implement new ways that create value by continuously seeking new strategies or capabilities to better meet market needs and improve corporate performance.
We work together and put team interest first, and recognise the strengths of others to seek their contributions.
We create value for all by making decisions that bring benefits for all and ensure sustainability in the long term.

We strongly believe that when people step into QL, they are not just an employee, but they become a part of the QL’s family, sharing the same set of values. With our unique value of Win-Win, during good times we will win together, while during rough times we assure our employees we will unite together to get through it.