Marine Products Manufacturing

QL’s roots is traced to Marine Products Manufacturing and flows through the entire value chain from upstream raw material to downstream consumers. The five distinct sub-pillars stretch from source, starting with deep sea fishing and aquaculture farming to the complementary processing of primary material into surimi, food, snacks, and fishmeal.

We are the largest surimi producer in Southeast Asia, as well as the largest manufacturer of surimi-based products, and halal fish based products in Malaysia. QL is also the biggest fishmeal producer in the country.
More than just quantity and diversity of businesses, we are committed to quality. We utilise advanced technology and adhere to industry best practices in our processes. QL is mindful that as a market leader, we have to hold ourselves to higher accountability by minimizing the impacts on environment and resources.
Our production facilities hold various certifications ranging from Hazard Analytics and Critical Control Point (HACCP), Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), EU no.96, GACC to Halal Certificate of Authentication, and where applicable, comply with the EU regulations.

Surimi & Fishmeal
Surimi & Fishmeal

Through a base in Tuaran, Sabah and Endau, Johor, Surabaya, Indonesia and Hutan Melintang, Perak, QL specializes in upstream and downstream processing of surimi, frozen seafood and fishmeal.

Marine Product Manufacturing - Fishing

Our deep sea fishing fleets operate out of Endau, Johor covering the South China Sea. We practice seasonal purse seiner fishing method to minimize the impacts on marine resources and the environment.


Frozen shrimp produce are exported worldwide from our Sabah base. Our shrimp aquaculture farming and processing facilities are certified with EU no.96. Over the years, we have achieved a good reputation of product quality and reliability in the domestic and international markets.