Social Responsibility

Fair Labour Practices

Our Approach

QL is cognisant of being recognised as a fair employer in a competitive marketplace, whereby we acknowledge our tremendous employers’ responsibility in upholding and maintaining fair labour practices in all our business operations. We remain steadfast in complying with all applicable legal requirements pertaining to human rights and fair labour practices. We strive to uphold the rights of our employees in accordance with the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the International Labour’s Organisation’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights of Work.

FY2023 Highlights

  • Internal Human Rights Due Diligence Audits completed

    for 3 business units

  • Fully compliance with the Employment (Amendment) Act 2022 (“the Amendment Act”)

    for all business units in Peninsular Malaysia

  • Upholding of “Zero Recruitment Fee” in hiring

    of all our migrant workers

Our Performance
Monitoring and Continuous Improvement of Our Labour Practices
Staying true to QL’s commitment to comply with relevant legal requirements, a total of 60% of our HR professionals across various business units participated in the Employment Act 1955 & Amendments Training in the first quarter of FY2023. This training has enabled all our business sites operating in Peninsular Malaysia to comply with immediate effect when the Employment (Amendment) Act 2022 (“the Amendment Act”) and the Employment (Amendment of First Schedule) Order 2022 (“Amendment Order” came into force on 1 January 2023.  
Workplace Grievance and Harassment Mechanism
Our HR team continues to track and record grievances that are formally brought through the grievance and harassment channel. Grievances and discontentment raised have also been classified into various categories such as sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination and work-related dissatisfaction. In FY2023, we received two reported cases relating to sexual harassment which have been resolved and acted upon in accordance with the Grievances and Harassment Policy.
FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Fair Labour Practices
Workplace Grievance and Harassment Handling
Number of Substantiated Complaints Concerning Human Rights Violations Case 0 0 0
Number of Substantiated Complaints Concerning Harassment Case 4 2 2


compliance with the minimum wage announcement by the Malaysian government effective 1st May 2022.

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