Social Responsibility

Commitment to Our Communities

Our Approach

Guided by QL’s business philosophy of “value for all”, QL remains steadfast in our commitment to create benefits and elevate the lives of numerous communities.

We believe in enriching and touching the lives of our communities through our once-off or long-term flagship programmes that are done through our diversified business pillars.

We have established a corporate citizenship and philanthropy guideline to help us formulate and determine the programmes and activities to support the cause whether once-off or on a long-term basis. Selected flagship programmes and activities are aligned with our respective business pillars and the company’s business strategy, hence creating value for our communities, shareholders and businesses.

In undertaking community programmes and activities, we strive to encourage and involve our employees to voluntarily participate as a means of contributing back to the community in which we operate.

FY2023 Highlights

  • Assisted 11,942 beneficiaries via our corporate philanthropy collaborations

    with an investment of over RM 835,600

  • Upgraded fishing gears and equipment of 924 fishermen

    via RM 21.84 million interest-free Fishermen Financial Assistance Scheme (FFAS)

  • Created employment opportunities for 6,135

    local individuals

  • Provided adequate protein intake by giving one egg per child to 207 pre-schoolers from 9 government schools in rural areas

    over a 6-month period to raise awareness on child stunting issues in Malaysia

Our Performance
FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Commitment to Our Communities
Prospering Together with Our Local Fishermen
Total Financial Assistance RM Mil 23.85 20.81 21.84
Number of Fisherman Number 974 914 924
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