Environmental Responsibility

Climate Change & Emissions

Our Approach

Climate change is one of the key challenges faced by our business, from sourcing of raw materials to production. QL recognises that our business operations have contributed towards GHG emissions and we are committed towards reducing our climate impacts. QL proactively monitors and manages our energy use across all businesses to improve energy efficiency and increase the use of renewable energy. 

Our Target

Achieve 20% GHG emissions reduction by FY2026 from FY2020 baseline.

GHG reduction from FY2020 baseline

FY2021 Highlights

  • 11,500 MWh

    of renewable energy generated

  • 27,200 tCO2e

    of GHG emissions avoided


Megawatt Solar Power Installed


kWh Energy Generated


tCO2e GHG emissions avoided

Note: Performance since FY2020

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