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Our Approach

Biosecurity is imperative in QL farms for maintaining the health and well-being of poultry and preventing the spread of diseases. Emphasising prevention over cure, we continued the good farm practices through the support from QL Poultry Centre of Excellence, a team consisting of qualified and experienced personnel such as veterinarians, microbiologists, and nutritionists.

FY2023 Highlights

  • 52 biosecurity audits

    in 20 farms

*Poultry farms within Sustainability Statement reporting scope. 

Our Performance
In FY2023, our biosecurity measures were enhanced through the implementation of the following initiatives:
  1. Implementation of quality assurance programme:

    Farm quality assurance programme was rolled out to all layer farms in FY2023. The programme covered stringent control measures, strict procedures, and quality assurance management system.

  2. Introduction of digitalised audit monitoring system:

    Periodic biosecurity audits are conducted at QL farms to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of our control measures and identify areas for improvement. Digitalised audit monitoring system was launched in two pilot farms, namely QL Poultry Farms Sdn. Bhd. and QL Eco Farm Sdn. Bhd. The digitalised system is aimed to streamline audit workflows and reduce human errors to help QL maintain compliance with great accuracy and efficiency.

  3. Development of poultry academy framework:

    QL recognises that a thorough understanding of farm biosecurity and the associated risks is essential to improving the knowledge of our employees and strengthening our poultry production. Poultry academy framework was developed to include skills development training programme to drive employees to high level competence in the poultry industry.

All QL farms are certified with myGAP by the Department of Veterinary Services and there were no major disease outbreaks in our farms in FY2023.


of poultry farms certified to MyGAP


biosecurity assurance with internal laboratory test


internal audit across all poultry farms

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