History of QL

QL Resources Berhad was born of humble beginnings. Its origin can be traced back to a modest animal feedstuff trading business run by Dr. Chia Song Kun and his siblings in the 1970s. In those early days, they harvested calcium-rich mollusk shells from a barely accessible, swampy shoreline to supply to local feed millers for use in animal feed.

The business grew and diversified. New agriculture-based products were added to its distribution range. QL became a one-stop centre for animal feed raw material.

The Group’s Marine Products Manufacturing and Integrated Livestock Farming activities were developed as natural extensions to the distribution activities.

Acquisition of a fishmeal processing plant in the early 1980s elevated the Group from distributor to producer. This also served as a springboard for QL to venture into higher value-added surimi-based manufacturing activities. As the value chain for Marine Products Manufacturing lengthened, the activities at Integrated Livestock Farming began to hatch.

In 1998, QL added oil palm cultivation and Crude Palm Oil (CPO) milling services for small and medium-sized plantations.

Today, QL operates a coherent, complementary set of businesses in Marine Products Manufacturing, Integrated Livestock Farming, Palm Oil Activities, and Convenience Store Chain.

Under Dr. Chia’s stewardship, QL developed a resilient, sustainable and scalable business model capable of producing shared value.

At the core of QL’s businesses is a commitment to integrity and doing business the right way.