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QL Resources Berhad is an integrated agro-based business group, producing nourishing products from agro resources in Integrated Livestock Farming, Marine Products Manufacturing, and Palm Oil Activities. The inroad into the Convenience Store business via FamilyMart is a natural extension of QL’s value chain. 

QL is built on entrepreneurial spirit. Led by farsighted leadership and supported by a team who executes with passion, we anchor ourselves firmly in our culture of integrity and shared value creation. Our values have remained unchanged since our founding – all that we do must benefit all. This immutable value is carried in our name – QL are the initials of quan li (全利) which means ‘Benefits for All’, and is etched into everyone in QL.


Food and Consumer

We are now the largest surimi producer and one of the largest egg producers in Southeast Asia, as well as the largest fishmeal manufacturer in Malaysia. In our portfolio of consumer food are brands such as Mushroom, Figo, Ika’s, Suria and OceanRia, and through the downstream expansion in 2016, we today operate and expand FamilyMart convenience stores in Malaysia.

Founded on the belief of benefitting all, QL holds firm to the mission of creating nourishing products from agro resources.
Marine Products Manufacturing
Consumer Food
Integrated Lifestock Farming
Integrated Livestock Farming
Palm Oil & Environmental Technology


We are adamant that meaningful strategy to drive long-term corporate growth and profitability can only be achieved through the inclusion of economic, environmental and social concerns within the operating model.

Sustainability is at the very core of QL, interwoven into our daily operations.

People & Career

QL is always looking for passionate and talented individuals, whose values are in tune with ours, to join us and be part of the QL family. If you share the same core values and see yourself fitting into our culture, then we will be a great match.

Our talented and dynamic workforce is the key to our success.

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