Project Name

QL Poultry Centre of Excellence

First established in 2009, the QL Poultry Centre of Excellence is an internal training facility that develops the proficiency of employees in our poultry sector. The staff members who pass through QLPCE are trained with skills that will benefit their future employment. Employees who graduate from the academy style training that QLPCE offers are able to actively identify waste and inefficiencies in our poultry farm operations, which consequently leads to the implementation of improvements.

In addition to the academy training format, internal and external subject matter experts are brought in to present on topical subjects and give technical overviews to the employees. The open sharing of knowledge between farms and management has been critical to the success of QLPCE. As a major employer in the poultry industry we believe that investment in training and development grows our knowledge bank and leads to gains in market share, while also benefitting the wider economy.