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Palm Biomass Pellet project

QL’s innovative Palm Biomass Pellet project was conceived to develop technology that could covert empty fruit bunches (EFB) – a palm processing biomass waste – into higher quality palm biomass pellets, which are rich in energy and a high quality burning fuel source for biomass power plants. Palm pellet can substitute for coal and fuel oil as a burning biofuel, as well as bio-based raw material for industrial processes. For every metric tonne of coal substituted palm pellet biofuel, more than 1 MT of CO2 emissions are reduced. In addition, the real-time treatment of EFB in palm oil mills into every MT of palm pellet biofuel also reduces our EFB landfill GHG emission by an average of 1 MT of CO2-equivalent.

The production of the palm pellets is powered by our Palm Oil Mill Effluent Biogas plant, which makes it almost self-sustainable. Long term sustainability of the product is assured as agricultural residue does not depend on deforestation. The benefits of the technology QL has developed are so apparent that it has qualified to be a part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project.