Innovation has long been the key element in QL’s creation of value, which in turn enables the company to share value among its stakeholder community. The company has adopted and developed innovative technologies, created entirely new business models and invested in new product development, among other instances. Scores of examples of innovation can be evidenced in QL’s history, from its earliest days as a small scale animal feed trader to today’s integrated multinational corporation.

Consistent business and product innovation has helped the upward trend of the Group’s market capitalisation. The practice of innovation is built into our values proposition. It is a vital component of the way we conduct our business.

Innovative thinking was the key driver in realising QL’s Renewable Energy Technology in Pellet Biofuel project, the now patent pending proprietary technology which allows us to process palm empty fruit bunch into palm pellets.

We believe that innovation is the catalyst to growth. Standing still, relying on the status-quo, is not in our DNA. QL Resources is a regenerative company. There is always room for improvement and the door for innovative ideas is wide open.